Review : Jaya Janaki Nayaka

Boyapati Sreenu knows the audience pulse like no one does. He now has come up with Jaya Janaki Nayaka to give a massive hit to Bellaonda Sreenivas. Well, does he fulfills his promise. Read on see what happens

Rakul Preet Singh falls for a down to earth but a rich guy called Gagan played by Bellamkonda Srinivas. The twist in the tale arises when she suddenly cheats him and runs away with her dad. Why did she take this step and where does 
The film is filled with some top class action episodes and hero Bellamkonda Srinivas does supremely well and looks quite decent in his role. Boyapati has cleverly used him in the film and did not make him overact. Heroine Rakul Preet is superb in her role and is the main stay of the film. 
Apart from showing glamour, she has also given a standout performance. Jagapathi Babu is apt for his role and showcases his negative side well. The emotions showcased by Sharath Kumar are very nice and suit the film well. Pragya Jaiswal exposes well. 
Technical overview and overall analysis:-
DSP’s music is on top of his game as he gives some great background score as well. The film looks rich in every aspect as the money spent is clearly visible on the screen. There is nothing much in the story line but Boyapati adds enough commercial elements which will surely please the front benchers. This one is clearly for the masses and all those who like such will be thoroughly entertained. 
One Line Verdict:-
Massy to the core