Review; Katamarayudu

Pawan Kalyan’s films are always awaited with bated breath. The same is the case with his new film Katamarayudu which has released now in theaters.


Rayudu played by Pawan Kalyan hates marriage and girls. He has four brothers who are in love and they bring Shruthi Haasan into the frame to trap him in love. But things fall off track as Shruthi Haasan is targeted by a villain gang. Who are they and how Pawan saves the entire gang from them is the crux of the film.


Katamarayudu only belongs to the one and only Pawan Kalyan. He is the only flag bearer in the film who does justice to his role completely. Pawan looks handsome in his panche kattu style and takes the film’s burden on himself.

 Rao Ramesh was very good but his role was limited. Nasser is strictly okay. Shruthi looks okay but her dresses are very bad. Ali is as usual but the villains chosen are hugely disappointing.

Technical overview and analysis:

The first half of the film has ample to cheer about. Pawan’s looks, super fun from the chemistry generated between Pawan and Shruthi and some very nicely composed fights give a added advantage to the film. Director Dolly plays it safe and gets it right for the entire first half. But when the breakpoint comes, the film starts falling apart from there.

The family emotions, fights and predictable story line, everything becomes a tough watch for the audience. Having said that the film is a good watch for hardcore Pawan fans as they have some much to cheer about their power star.

One line Verdict:-

Pawan’s mania throughout