Review : Lakshmi Bomb


With no films in her hand, Manchu Lakshmi did a film called Lakshmi Bomb which many did not even know. The same film managed to reach to the theaters finally on the 10th of March


Lakshmi Manchu is a judge in a sessions court and is suddenly killed by Kalakeya Prabhakar who plays the main villain in the film. But things become quite interesting when Lakshmi comes roaring back and starts taking revenge on those who killed her. Want to know how this happened, you have to watch the film for it.

Performances :-

The posh and happening Lakshmi Manchu looks totally unfit the role of a judge. The middle class set up and the over the top drama by her parents played by Posani and Hema can get to you at once. Lakshmi has spoken punch dialogues too and also danced her wit out but all this could not save the film one bit.

Technical and overall analysis:-

Everything in this film looks so bad that you decide to run away from the theaters at once. The narration and the way the movie goes from the start with each scene are so pathetic that you can get a headache.

The background score and production values remind you of a D grade film. Wonder why in the hell did Lakshmi Manchu accept this film. There is not even one point that is good in this film and you can just stay away from it.

One Line Verdict:-

Torture to the core…