Review – Shakeela- A silly and poorly made biopic

Shakeela is a film that has been promoted a lot in the last few months. Based on the real-life story of an adult film actress, Shakeela, this film is out in Telugu as well. Read our review to find out how it is.
shakeela review
Shakeela(Richa Chadha) becomes an adult film actress at a very young age due to her poor financial situation. Within no time, she becomes famous and has popularity equal to that of big stars. A very big star named Salim(Pankaj Tripathi) tries to woo her but Shakeela does not say yes. Upset with this, he creates issues in Shakeela’s life and lands her in a big problem. What are those and how they spoilt her career is the whole plot? 
Review - Shakeela- A silly and poorly made biopic
Richa Chadha as Shakeela only looks good but performance-wise, she is so over the top and in your face. Richa is a top actress but as she is playing a south actress, maybe her director told her to give loud expressions and that is the reason, she hams to no extent. The only place where she looks good is in the lovemaking scenes.Review - Shakeela- A silly and poorly made biopic
Pankaj Tripathi gets to play a good role. He creates comedy, does a good negative role but his character also is not justified well by the director who spoils the film with his narration. Much on that in the next section. The supporting cast is horrible as well.pankaj tripathi
Shakeela is made on the same lines of Vidya Balan’s Dirty Picture but sadly does not have the class of it. Mostly, it has to do with the writing which falters in many areas. More than a biopic the film becomes a soft porn kind of a film where things happen just at a drop of a hat. Review - Shakeela- A silly and poorly made biopic nhThe choice of Richa Chadha as the heroine is itself bad as she does not bring anything to the table. In fact, the actress who played the younger Shakeela is far better and emotes well. The film is started on a good note but once the main character of Richa enters, things go down. The superstar played by Sali looks like a caricature and does not give anything away.Review - Shakeela- A silly and poorly made biopic If not for Pankaj Tripathi, this film would have been even worse. The climax, emotional content nothing works. The pain that Shakeela suffered is not shown well at all as the emotional part looks fake. In a nutshell. Shakeela is a cheap and silly film that even the masses will not get turned with the adult content. So horrible it is.
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