Sri Reddy Attacks Tamil Hero, Says Used Her Like A Toilet 

Sri Reddy, who became an eye of a storm after she accused prominent film personalities is back again training guns at a popular Tamil actor. In her cryptic Facebook post, she didn’t name the actor but said that he used her as a toilet, adding she agrees to have done a mistake. But she says that it wasn’t she who did it but her body only for movie offers.

Sri Reddy Calls Tamil Actor Womaniser

Sri Reddy further said that the Tamil actor, in question, is close to the Tollywood bigwigs. Her Facebook post reads, ” “Used me like a public toilet..that wounds are not at all healing..mentally disturbed alot..I know my participation is there..but my dead body participated for my movie offers..i seriously didnt do with my heart trust me..those are all very very scary moments in my talk effected my life very badly, how to come up now??now one Tamil hero is trying to spoil my professional life..who is closed to telugu movie people, he is a big womanizer..I am not deserved to be on this earth or what??”

While, we are to know who Sri Reddy is pointing fingers at, but some netizens have named actor Vishal. However, it’s too early to say as we await for an official confirmation is awaited.

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