Sri Reddy: I Fear Govt Imposing Ban On Me Like Kathi Mahesh

Thye entire Telugu industry got entangled with the casting couch issue after Sri Reddy named some industry biggies of sexual exploitation on the pretext of giving a chance in the film. The actress states that she fears that the Telangana government might impose a ban on her alike to film critic Kathi Mahesh. “Kathi Mahesh’s matter might be different, but if the Government behaves like a Hitler it can ban me. How can they do this to me? I am a small girl, I am not a big-wig. But I deserve justice and respect,” she said.

Sri Reddy Fears Govt. Ban Like Kathi Mahesh

The actress says in a worrisome that, she considered the state government as her father and if the father doesn’t give justic to her kids, who else would do, adding she doesn’t know whom to aproach.  It may be recalled that film critic Kathi Mahesh was banned from entering Hyderabad for six months for hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindus. Hyderabad DGP M. Mahender Reddy would be making an official announcement soon. The police officials have undertaken decision to expel Kathi Mahesh, adding that the film critic has to take permission to drop in the City.

Coming back to Sri Reddy, earlier we told you that the actress’ finances are in doldrums and is begging from her friends for survival. She says that though her resources are depleting and her voice is being suppressed, she will continue to fight. On the other hand. she expressed resentment that despite she lodged an FIR against the accused, police had not made a single arrest till now.

“The Telangana Government has unofficially asked the media to not cover the case on the casting couch. Telangana government talks about development and they collect crores in taxes but do not take responsibility. We (victims of sexual harassment in general) are in a helpless crying situation and the government is not talking about this. Lots of people tell me that the State Government have taken money from Tollywood stars to cover up the entire matter” she said.

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