Sri Reddy Fires On Srikanth And Sivaji Raja

Actress Sri Reddy has taken potshots at MAA president Sivaji Raja, Executive Vice President Srikanth in her Facebook post over their alleged misappropriation funds controversy. The actress said that it is the karma that had hit two who didn’t do justice to her during the casting couch row.

Sri Reddy Remarks Against Sivaji Raja And Srikanth

Sri Reddy Sivaji Raja Srikantha MAA



“nannu publicity stunt Anna shivaji raaja ki ,srikanth ki gochi vudi,daridrapu gathi pattindhi..mosapoyi nenosthe,odharchalsindhi poyi,badaa families ni kaapaade prayathnam chesaru..naku kotla rupayalu ivvalani shivaji raaja athani thothulu prayatnam chesthe, nenu teskoledhu kadupu vishayam lo shivaji raaja behavior badhakaram..aadapillalni kalchukuthine brokers veellu..settelements chese gundalu.. thalli thandrulu ne chudaledhu,shivaji garu.. musalollaki vrudhsram gurinchi americalo ganthulesaranta.. thu abadhalu..andharu thodu dhongale..dabbantha panchukuthinnaru..dhiniki badaa hero vaata chala pedha motham.. I hv the all information from America..rajakeeyallo kakunda,America lo old age peopleki iche dabbu kotteyadaniki siggu vundali..aadapillala yedupu vuthine podhu..yedvandi..inka vundhi musalla pandaga..keep it up naresh garu,” Sri Reddy’s post reads.

Talking about allegations, Sivaji Raja said, “I swear on my children and Goddess Peddamma Thalli that even 5 paise has not been misused in however long I have held this post. I have donated to causes from my own money, but never even touched the association’s money. I haven’t even drunk a cup of tea on MAA’s money.”

Meanwhile, Naresh has questioned Sivaji Raja and other executive members as why they are against from setting up a fact committee if they are not at fault. To this, the trio said, “We are not afraid, which is why we have come in front of everyone to speak. We also have the full backing of people in the association.”

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