Sri Reddy’s Jibe At Raghavendra Rao

A day after making veiled comments at cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, Sri Reddy is back making jibe comments at noted filmmaker Raghavendra Rao. In her Facebook, she wrote, “Raghavendra rao garu was a most romantic director..he should be a brand ambassador for the telugu romantic directors..he can only suck heroine’s beauty..he knows how to show to us..we made them hits .. he know very well in which angle heroine will be good (sic).”

Sri Reddy Comments Against Raghavendra Rao


A day ago, Sri Reddy posted a comment on her Facebook with a veiled reference to the three persons, out of which one is cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. He Facebook post reads, “A romantic guy called Sachin Tendulkaran,when he came to Hyderabad, Charmi’ng Girl did a romance wt him..high profile Chamundeswar Swami is a middle person..greatest persons can play well i mean romance well ????”.

When  a section of netizens questioned tat she is doing for publicity, Sri Reddy shot back at them saying, “Looks like decent and behaves like a very good and honest persons..they do social works too to prove as a good person to the world..some times then can be good persons by heart..if yes also,they can be interested in girls..”extra marital affairs”..I am talking genuinely truths..I dn need any public attention,till now I could hv give 50 interviews after reddy diary..bcz of my personal family problem past 2 weeks I am in silent mode..I didnt hold any1 legs to believe me..if you guys trust on me,believe me k, I nvr cook stories for the publicity..genuinely i am sharing the truths..(applied to 1 or 2 Tamil YouTube channels) (sic)”.

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