When Taapsee struggled to get this…

Taapsee Panny, the young and gritty girl, has successfully carved a niche for herself with Godfather in the showbiz. The Badla actress is on top of her game now, but there was a time when she faced hardships during the initial days.

Taapsee recalls that more than in showbiz she found it hard to find a house for herself as no one was willing to rent an apartment to a single actor. She says, “My struggle was more in terms of finding a house because no one wants to rent an apartment to single actor. Apparently, they don’t really trust the kind of job we do. They would spend Rs 500 to see us in a theatre and flock to events to watch us live but can’t stay in the same society. This was very awkward for me in the beginning.”

Taapsee goes to add that finding a house was easy in Hyderabad. “I am a Delhi girl and Delhi and Hyderabad are similar in terms of space. Here space is a restraint so that was pretty new to me. It took me a little while to wrap my head around the space here. Now I have gotten an apartment and happily settled with my sister. My parents still live in Delhi.”