These actors risked their lives to shoot this scene in The Hidden Strike!

While filming for The Hidden Strike, actors Vedita Pratap Singh, Deepraj Rana, Jimmy Sharma and Mir Sarwar put their lives at risk to shoot an important segment for the film. For the scene the actors had to stealthily run on an elevated path in the valley and without any security gear. One wrong step could render the actors to get heavily injured or even lead to death.

Heavily shot in Bani in Jammu and Kashmir, there were geographical challenges that the cast and crew had to tackle to piece the movie together and deliver a patriotic cinematic feel to the film. The challenges included cautiously crossing landslide areas and to be vigilant of attacks because of the army costumes the actors were in.

With being first-hand witnesses to what the army has to go through to keep us safe made the actors realise how lucky they were. Actor Jimmy Sharma divulges that ” We used to get tired of wearing heavy army uniforms for straight 5 hours while shooting and that too with prop guns. I have to salute the Indian army who do it on a regular basis in their constant endeavours to keep us safe”

The Hidden Strike, to release on August 14 on ShemarooMe’s Box Office, is a fictional tale based around recent events where India struck hard and hit back at the border, the film’s trailer manages to rouse a sense of glory, honour and passion as we witness the triumphant endeavours of the army. Putting their lives in unforeseen yet calculated danger, our warriors in green cross enemy lines to weed out the villains that threaten our country. The film is proudly feminist too, depicting a fierce and courageous woman fighting besides her male counterparts

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