This big director’s building gets demolished

Popular director VV Vinayak has been going through a rough phase in his career with no hits in his career for a long time. His past few films have become disasters, making things worse for him. He is currently left with no offers and at this time, he got another shock.

The municipal officers have demolished his building which is located in the outskirts of Hyderabad. If we get into the story, Vinayak owns a four storied building in Vattinagulapalli of Rangareddy district. Recently, the Gram Panchayat of Vattinagulapalli has been merged into the municipality of Vajralapally. According to the municipal rules, the citizens of the area are allowed to have only two-storied buildings.

As Vinayak’s property is four stories, the revenue officers along with the municipal officers had to demolish it the other day. The officials stated that the notices were served to the Tagore director long back but as there was no response from him, they had to finally demolish the building.