This Heroine Asks What is The Use of Marriage?

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is the rising star supporting actor in Tamil Cinema. She debuted as heroine but now she is the Most sought after supporting actress for villain roles majorly in Tamil.

Varalakshmi Asks What is The Use of Marriage?

She has been in the news for talking about Shakti and #MeToo movements. Also, she did talk about harassment that women face in the Industry. Now, in an interview she questioned the interviewer, “What is the use of a marriage?”

She reasoned, “Marriage is for like minded people who are in love. It doesn’t fulfil us and I don’t believe that in the name of love or attraction you should marry someone. If you truly believe that marriage should be the next step for your love then it is alright.

In my case, I don’t see a need for a man for woman to survive. Women can stay single and lead their life. Men do that, why can’t women? I don’t see marriage as a requirement but a burden if two people can’t understand each other. You may fall in love but marriage is committing to see same face everyday for your life. I don’t think I met any person like that till now. If some one is to come in life, they will for sure,” concluded the actress.

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