Upasana: Working through them is beauty of marriage

Valentines Day is not over yet. As many are still soaked into the moment and going by celerity posts we can’t get over them soon. Upasana and Ram Charan, one of the Tollywood’s hottest couple, have celebrated Valentine’s Day in a most breezy away. Upasana gave us a sneak peek of their day filled with many interesting things from giving insight to their relationship.

In one her tweets, Upasana opens up n things they annoy on each other. To this, the couple quips stating that working through them is the beauty of marriage. well, that’s the mantra for a beautiful marriage. Isnlt it, folks? The couple who met through common friends tied the nuptial knot in 2012. Upasana, socially savvy, keeps sharing about her “Mr C” professional insights on the Twitter handle.

Upasana, Ram Charan Valentines Day Celebrations