Upasana’s strong message Valentines Day

February 14 holds a special day for the lovers. The love-birds, of course, have been sharing their love towards one another thorough out the year, but this day make sit although more special. The lovey-dovey couple plan out special this day to make although more exceptional. Amidst this, Ram Charan’s wife Upasana who is known and poplar afce on social media has sent out a strong message on Valentines Day.

Sharing a picture of herself, dressed a beautiful saree, Upasana caption reads, “Want to strengthen relationships this #ValentinesDay!Then first Practice SELF LOVE Only if U love & express gratitude to urself can U give back abundantly & unconditionally Write a love letter to urself.Do things that make u happy.Witness ur whole world change❤️”.

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