Veteran actress cheated by friends

Many people say that you cant trust anyone blindly in the film industry. We often witness many celebrities getting cheated in various instances. Veteran actress Vijaya Nirmala has become the latest victim of a cheating case.

If we get into the story, Vijay Nirmala lent Rs. 1 crore to her friends, Hyderabad-based real estate businessmen R. Srinivasa Raju and M. Bhadri Raju in 2007. She lent them money as they claimed that they were in huge losses at that time. After that, they never showed up to give her money back and when she called them, they didn’t pick up. Even some of the cheques sent by them were bounced in the bank. Finally, Vijaya Nirmala has moved to the court to solve the issue. The court has ordered the policemen at Jubilee Hills Police Station to look into the matter. The cops are currently investigating the case.

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