Evicted Vithika drops Bigg Bomb on

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on Sunday (October 20) gave a jittery moment fo the audience as the eviction process was between the couple – Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru. Finally, host Nagarjuna reveals that it isVithika who got eliminated. The eviction process saw an emotional moment between Varun and Vithika.

Evicted Vithika drops Bigg Bomb on Rahul Sipligunj

After 90-days stay Vithika got eliminated. Interestingly, she saved herself from elimination last time by using the ‘Battle of Medallion’ card. After her eviction, upon seeing herjonryey in Bigg Boss she gets emotional. Finally, she drops the Bigg Bomb on none other than her close friend Rahul Sipligunj. As per the Bigg Bomb, Rahul has to clean the bathrooms until the orde from Bigg Boss.