What did Naga Babu achieve with his comments?

Naga Babu’s flurry of comments against Balakrishna are well known. He has released six videos and chose one topic per video. The last video was particularly stinging and the comment was deadly. He said that he wouldn’t tolerate criticism any longer and that he would respond in kind whenever someone targets the Mega family.

So, it is clear that the wordy duel has no signs of abating. Balayya, who is busy with NTR biopic promotions, is silent as of now. But, once the biopic fever is over, he might renew the attack on Mega family.

If both two big families of film industry fight among themselves, it would affect the technicians and lower level workers. So, by handing out video threats to Nandamuri family, what exactly did Nagababu achieve, ask several film personalities. It is better to put a stop to all these, they say.

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