When a Kannada Director Tortured Telugu Actress…

Actress Sana has made a mark in character roles in Telugu industry. Her most memorable role in Ninne Pelladata. She is now foraying into the small screen too and is doing the role of a mother-in-law. Sana, whose full name is Shahnoor Sana Begum, says she never faced any kind of discrimination or abuse in Telugu film industry. She said she had never faced sexual abuse all her career in Telugu industry.

Actress Sana Tortured In Kannada Industry

But, in Kannada industry, it is different, she says and recalls that one director, who apparently did not like her to be casted in his movie, has literally subjected her to torture.
He used to reprimand her on the sets and used to verbally abuse her even after she had put up a very good performance. He did not like me doing a role in a Kannada film. So, he abused me verbally, Sana says. She says actors from outside are treated differently in Kannada film industry.