Who will make better impression among these sisters?

Dr. Rajasekhar is encouraging both his daughters to become actresses and that is not a case with all popular families in TFI. Sivani and Sivatmika got their first films rolling last year.

As Sivani has the looks of an actress many thought she would be the first one to become popular and then, only a few gave chances to Sivatmika. But the tables have turned now. Sivani who got a crazy film with Adivi Sesh for a debut is waiting for a court ruling to continue shoot of their film as director Venkat Reddy wants to fight his firing from the film.

Sivatmika seems to be the highlight of Dorasani, her debut film with Anand Devarakonda, Vijay’s brother. Well, all the best assessments for now seem to have gone wrong as Sivatmika could be in the lead to become a popular actress.