Why is Rajamouli Silent on 2.0?

Usually, Rajamouli never misses the first day of any big ticket film, much less a film like Robo 2.0. Rajamouli, a self-confessed Shankar fan, has spoken a lot about the film before its release. Even at the promotional event, director Shankar claimed that he was a Rajamouli fan. But, it’s been four days after the release of Robo 2.0, but ace director SS Rajamouli is still silent. He is yet to comment on the film.

SS Rajamouli’s Silence On 2.0 Movie Creating Doubts

Is it because he is doing a film with two biggest stars of Telugu industry and wants to judiciously use their call sheets or is it because he wants to watch the film with both the heroes of his lastest film? But, Rajamouli is keeping everyone guessing with his silence. There is a lot of anticipation among Shankar fans and Tamil movie goers. They want to know what Rajamouli thinks of the film.