Why is Rajamouli so Secretive About RRR Storyline?

Rajamouli, without doubt, is the cleverest director around. On the day of the launch of his shoot, he gives out the broad contours of the story of film, but little else. Other details are kept a big secret. This makes the fans and movie-watchers run their imagination riot. This is his usual practice. But for the launch of his next – RRR – he has not invited the media. Nor did he give the broad story outline.

What Is SS Rajamouli’s RRR Movie Story??

He has reportedly decided not to interact at all with the media. He knows that there is lot of enthusiasm and anticipation about the storyline as two big actors are working in the project. He perhaps want the media to go on an overdrive imagining the storyline. H
e did not meet the media during the launch and in fact evaded them. He has also issued stern instructions to the unit members not to speak about the film to anyone, including the media. He told the unit members not to give any publicity to the film. He also asked the Cherry, who is busy with Vinaya Vidheya Rama shoot, not to reveal anything to the media. He is hoping that the veil of secrecy around the story will actually help in building up hype around the film.

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