Song trends but no talk for Tamil Arjun Reddy

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh have created a storm at the box-office. The film was also announced in Tamil, which is the debut film for Dhruv, son of actor Chiyaan Vikram. The makers have unveiled the latest song titled Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai and is trending on YouTube at number 36. However, there is no talk about the film.

Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai Video Song From Adithya Varma Movie

The reason got to be the much delay in the process. As it was first helmed by director Bala, but the producers called off the project and roped in Sndeep’s assistant director  Gireesaaya and went for the shoot from the scratch. This could be one of the reasons for not so hype around Tamil Arjun Reddy. Interestingly, the Hindi remake abir Singh came off and created a cult akin to the Telugu version. It is to be seen, how Adithya Varma fate stands off.