Anand Deverakonda opens up on trolls

Anand Deverakonda needs no introduction who he is! The brother of Vijay Deverakonda is making his debut with Dorasani which also stars debutante Shivathmika. The teaser of the film was released by the makers, however to one’s surprise, Anand was vehemently trolled and some also carried nasty comments.

Many commented on from his looks to dabble in acting baning on Vijay’s stardom. Anand has finally broken his silence on the trolls and memes carried out on him.  “I was prepared for the trolls and the comparisons. But, I didn’t expect the reactions to be so negative. People said things like how I look like Vijay, just not as good looking; then there were so many nasty memes,” says Anand.

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“I think these people who are picking on me are doing so because they think that I don’t deserve to be here; they think I am here only because Vijay is my brother. But when these people will go to the theatres to watch the film on Friday, they’ll be proud of me and my work. They’ll fall in love with my character Raju, ’cos I’ve made sure it’s not Anand that they will see on screen,” affirms Anand.