Anthaku Minchi Controversy: Hero Jai Emotional For Wrongly Accused

Rashmi Gautam and hero Satish Jai’s Anthaku Minchi has been entangled into controversy prior to its release that hampered the film collections even before the screening. A man named Gauri Krishna, claiming to be one of the producers, dragged the film to court and put a stay order a day before its release. The film since then has been embroiled in a controversy that has resulted in irreversible damage on the film.

Anthaku Minchi Hero Jai Says He Is Cheated

Subsequently, hero Jai held a press meet recently to clear the accusations against him and his film. The hero says that he has been wrongly accused and cheated by one Gauri Krishna who had put a stay order on his film’s release. Jai went on to add that wrong papers were produced and his signature was forged claiming that he owns a balance of Rs 50 lakh due, adding when he questioned the fraudster to show the stay order paper, they were reluctant to show.

Later, Jai along with his lawyer showed the forged papers to the media that was used to extort money. Jai went on to say that during film’s shoot they have got it signed from the management that Gauri Krishna is no longer part of the film as a producer and no amount is owed to him. Jai then produces the original papers at the press meet along with his lawyer.

“My movie has been deliberately being killed. Unnecessary my movie is being framed. we don’t owe any money to anyone. I am requesting my media friends to support me and punish such kind of fraudster who are killing the small cinema deliberately. To make a settlement and extort money, the fraudster has planned for such cheap tactics,” said Jai.

The hero Jai further adds that when he called up distributors pleading to extend his film, however, they said no as the film is stuck in the case and they can’t go for a green signal. “I am getting punishment for mistake and fault of mice. I know the pain I’m going through and I request media fronds to take strong action against such kind for people as it should never ever happen to anyone, ” Jai adds.