This American singer is Anushka Sharma’s spitting image

What happens when you get to meet your doppelganger? Well, it would a blend of emotions ranging from amusement to scary to shocked. And this amalgamation of emotions is more when you witness to get celebrities’ doppelganger. Earlier, we have come across Priyanka Chopra’s look alike to the latest Salman Khan in Pakistan.  Here comes another surprise which has left netizens baffled after finding an uncanny resemblance of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma to American singer Julia Michaels.

Anushka Sharma Doppelganger Julia Michaels

We are not going overboard but you would also be shell-shocked like us. In fact, netzines are going agog calling heAnushka’s’s twin sister. A user wrote,”@juliamichaels looks more like @AnushkaSharma than Anushka herself!”