Bigg Boss Conspiring To Put Kaushal In Trouble?

The second season of the Telugu reality show Bigg Boss is few weeks away to get wrapped. Amit Tiwari got eliminated in the latest episode leaving behind Kaushal Manda, Tanish Alladi, Samrat, Roll Rida, Deepthi and Geetha Madhuri. While, each contestant has developed their fan following but nothing comes near close to the fandom and craze Kaushal has earned. It is believed that Kaushal is going to be the winner of Bigg Boss looking at the unprecedented fan following and support he has. But look like, the show makers aren’t going to make it easy for Kaushal.

Next 2 Weeks Crucial For Kaushal Manda

Apparently, a person going by the handle Naveen Kumar often tweets what cooks in Bigg Boss house much before it aired which usually turns out to be true. In his latest tweet, he said that next two weeks are crucial for Kaushal as makers will be focusing on him. He adds that, show organizers will be giving tough task to Kaushal and if he doesn’t play well that would put him in trouble.

Check this tweet:

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