“Chiranjeevi” – Short Film Review

CHIRANJEEVI short film Story Line:

Chiranjeevi is a young man who gets a boon from Lord Shiva. The boon provides him with a supernatural power to his right hand, with which his life span increases, when he touches any living thing. But, there was a condition laid, that if he would ever tell anyone about this supernatural power, his troubles would double.

Chiranjeevi’s boss dies as he touches him with his right hand for more than once. Chiranjeevi’s life becomes miserable, as he carries the guilt that he was the reason behind his boss’s death. Even his girlfriend forbids him because there is a chance that the very boon would turn out to be a nightmare.

What happens next? How did Chiranjeevi overcome these situations? Please do watch the short film Chiranjeevi to know what happens next.

Plus Points:

Tanikella Bharani’s voice over
Singer Sunitha’s voice over
Anchor Ravi’s screen presence
BGM and Music

Minus points:

No novelty in the story


Anchor Ravi who played the role of Chiranjeevi has executed it so well. His expressions and performance in the role of a greedy man who realizes his mistake is apt.

Nanda Kishore has executed the story well. The main streak of the story suggests that greediness is in no way good. The BGM and music are very much in sync with the story. Tanikella Bharani’s voice over gives a good impact. Besides the climax, the whole film is good. Anchor Ravi has explored his acting skill well in this movie.

Chiranjeevi Short Film:

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