Deepika, Amrita Rao have a connection!

Deepika Padukone and Amrita Rao share a connection. Yes, the two Konkani women have now turned relatives. Pictures of Deepika and Ranveer attending a wedding recently in Mumbai has been the talk of the town. It also saw Amrita Rao along with her RJ husband Anmol attend the event.

Now, it happens that, the cousin of Deepika got married to the cousin of Amrita. The groom from Deepika’s side got married to Amrita’s cousin. Well, this shows how small the world is and how relationships are made from no where. Interestingly, this is not new for the actors to get married to distant relatives of cinema stars. From Anil Kapoor, who married Ranveer Singh’s aunt, to Pakistani singer Ali Zafar, who married distant cousin of Aamir Khan the list is endless.

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