Dil Raju says no to this star director

It is a long time desire for producer Dil Raju to make a film with Nandamuri Balakrishna as the lead. Balayya is the only star hero with whom Dil Raju hasn’t made a movie in all these years. Dil Raju has intensified his efforts to make a film with Balayya, from last few months.

Apparently, director Boyapati Srinu approached Raju recently with his new project for Balayya. But Raju was shocked when Boyapati quoted a budget if Rs,70 crores. Everyone knows that Balayya doesn’t have that market value even though he is a star hero. Thus, according to Raju, it will be a suicidal attempt if he spends so much money on that project.

Earlier, Dil Raju moved out of Bharateeyudu 2 when Shankar quoted a high budget and Kamal Haasan asked for Rs.35 crores remuneration. Dil Raju will be particular in budget issues and will not spend a penny if he doesn’t like to. Thus, this Boyapati project might not be produced by Raju mostly.