Disha: I am not doing anything wrong

In a short span of time, Disha is one of the top actresses in B-town and also has over 21 million followers on Instagram. The Bharat actress often gives glimpses to her fans about her profession and personal life by sharing posts.

Disha has now opened up for the first ever time how her parents feel about her and her profession. The actress says her parents know about her work and are “cool” about it but her father feels “awkward” seeing her pictures which she shares on the family group in their phone.  “I know my parents are watching me. They know it’s work, and I am not doing anything wrong. I am sure they are proud of me. Of course, my father feels awkward whenever I send my pictures on the family [WhatsApp] group. After all, he is a father,” says Disha.

Talking about her mom, Disha says, “My mother is on Instagram now but with a different name. She stalks me, so I don’t send the pictures anymore.”