GPSK’s next target is 2 million!

Balakrishna and his GPSK team has hit the target as their historical film has become Balakrishna’s biggest hit till date. The film is also doing great in the overseas areas and has crossed the 1.5 million mark in the US.
Now the biggest question is that whether the film will collect the 2 million. Even though things look a bit tough there is every possibility of the film reaching the target as Balayya is currently in the US and promoting the film aggressively.
But the film also faces some tough competition from Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No 150 and Shatamanam Bhavati which have also caught on quite well with the NRI’s.
Looking at the tough competition around Balayya might face some obstacles this week but the good mouth talk and promotions might lead the film to collecting 2 million.