Guru | Review


Venkatesh needs a good hit to stay ahead in his career. For this, he has chosen a remake in the form of Guru. The film has been previewed to the media and we bring the review.


The story is quite simple as a rugged and ex-boxing champion now becomes a coach and starts looking for female boxers. He finds a poor girl who has a lot of guts and decides to maker her a champion boxer. Will he make her or not is the film all about?


This is by far Venkatesh’s best performance in his three-decade-old career. He along with Ritika Singh give a stand out performance and win the audience hearts completely.

Venkatesh, in particular, is superb in his middle-aged look and gives a serious performance. Rest of the cast have done well as the director makes everyone just a character and not a star.

Technical Overview and Analysis:

Director Sudha showcases the nitty-gritty in the boxing field and how women sports people are sexually exploited. The scenes have been nicely narrated with Venkatesh’s role being so emotional. The sultry background score only takes the film a notch higher with some good beats.

All those who did not see the original will surely love this film as it has a good premise and som very serious roles backing it. Being a summer seas, this film will surely attract the class audience because of its neat and hardcore approach.

One Line Verdict:-

Venkatesh stuns you completely.