NRI techie, family test coronavirus positive in Texas

An Indian techie and his family comprising wife  Manasi and three kids have contracted COVID-19. The techie identified Rohan Bavadekar (42) is in dire condition who is battling for life at the St Luke’s hospital in Texas. Meanwhile, Rohan urgently needs a plasma donor with blood group A or B to save his life. The doctors are seeking for recovered COVID-19 patient to  donate plasma.

The IT professional’s wife in a Facebook post made an appeal and sought for help.She wrote, “It is my fervent prayer that you’re all taking care of each other and protecting yourselves during these trying times. It is with despair and intense anxiety that I share the trauma that my family is undergoing right now. My beloved husband, Rohan, has been severely stricken with the dreaded Covid 19. He is desperately ill and has been hospitalized for the past week. His condition is dire. I want so much to have him return home to me and our three beautiful young children, all of who are under eight years of age. On behalf of my babies and me, I urgently request the support of the community in helping him make a full recovery. We are looking for a plasma donor with blood group A or AB. The donor cannot be currently actively infected (must have recovered).”

Meanwhile, Sewa International, a Hindu faith-based humanitarian non-profit, has been working with the family for the past few days and helping them cope up with the trying times.

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