Kaushal Army Stands With Kaushal Despite Cuss Word Usage

Star Maa has released the latest promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 which show Kaushal having heated moments with the housemates. The promo shows Kaushal terming housemates as “dogs” who keep barking at him when he tries to say something. The video ends with Samrat, Tanish and Roll having a verbal war with Kaushal. Let alone in the house, the video has also intensified the heat outside as Kaushal fans are worried about their favourite contestant.  Have a look at the promo video:

We have broken it down the reason why Kaushal fans support him despite terming housemates to dogs.

  1. Kaushal Constantly Targetted By  Housemates

In the latest promo, we are shown Kaushal has lost his cool and he using foul language is unacceptable. But, wait a second and don’t judge a person by a single statement. We empathise with Kaushal because since day one he has been targeted and cornered by the housemates, so how can you expect a person not to lose his temper when not a single person talks properly to Kaushal.

2. Housemates  In Tasks Targetted Kaushal

Not just the behaviour of housemates but even in tasks also they form groups and play against Kaushal by cornering him. Whether it was Pyramid Task or Clothes Task to the latest Sand Task, they all have been conspiring against him and not playing the task as a task.

Owing to all the aforementioned things, unarguably Kaushal fans and audience support Kaushal and have always given him unprecedented votes and love. The housemates have turned blindfold but the audience is aware and is standing up to the truth by supporting Kaushal.

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