Kaushal Saving Butterfly Clip Viral, Wins Netizens Hearts

Kaushal Manda has won the hearts of netizens and especially his fans -Kaushal Army yet again. A video has appeared which shows Roll Rida throwing an idle butterfly in the dustbin, and later on, Kaushal who saw a butterfly in the dustbin picks it up and places it on the roof so that it gets a chance to survive. This gesture of Kaushal has won netizens and especially his fans – Kaushal Army, who reiterate why the love Kaushal and show the difference between him and Roll.

Kaushal Saves Butterfly Thrown By Roll Rida


Kaushal undoubtedly is the favourite contestant of scores of viewers watching the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Apart from Kaushal, five other housemates are there in the Bigg Boss house, who have been targetting and cornering Kaushal sine day one of the show. However, despite all these audiences have consistently shower support and love on Kaushal. Look at the video and netizens tweets:

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