Beauty Winner Dethroned After Topless Pictures Surfaced

Natalie Paweleck, Mrs Scotland World who won the beauty pageant in September this year was stripped off her title within 36 hours after she won. The 36-year-old mother has been accused of indulging in topless photoshoots during her heydays and this information was leaked by someone to the judges, who later acted upon the accusation against Natalie. Following her ouster,  the runner-up Alana Stott has become the winner of the title.

Mrs Scotland Stripped Off Title After Her Topless Pictures Leaked

Meanwhile, this has sparked controversy of body shaming and discrimination. Reacting over this and not revealing her past photoshoots, Natalie said, “My modelling past is not something I have ever hidden. I am proud of what I achieved. The choices I made in my early 20s have made me the woman I am today, and I like that woman. I was on the cover of the world’s highest-selling men’s magazine and won the UK’s most popular modeling competition.”

“These archaic rules need to be re-evaluated. I still believe pageants can be hugely empowering for women, but you either empower all women or ultimately you empower none of us,” she adds.

However, Mrs. World UK spokesman Jamie Love said, “It was not because she posed topless that she was de-crowned – it was because it was not disclosed.” Meanwhile, Natalie has penned a Facebook post condemning the judges’ act and discrimination.