NTR Biopic Trailer on December 16

NTR biopic is among the most awaited film in the coming year. There is lot of anticipation and hype about NTR’s life due to the countless highs and lows. The film has Nandamuri Balakrishna essaying his father’s role. Director Krish is making the film. So, the hype is much more. But, whether film touched upon all facets of NTR’s glorious life with sincerity is the big question.

No one will ever argue that Balayya Babu will show the sordid drama of ousting of NTR and the back-stabbing by his brother in law Chandrababu Naidu. But, there is lot of interest on how these issues were covere din the film. How did he cover the sensitive political issues is also being asked. The first part of the film too will have some political issues. The second part deals mainly with NTR’s political life.

If only the positive aspects of his life are shown and only a few snippets of his life are depicted in the film, it will not enthuse the audience and this is not what the viewers expect from a director like Krish. But, it appears Krish is exactly going to do the same.

But, what and how will Krish show will be partially known on December 16, when the trailer of the film will be release. Hence, there is a great deal of interest about the trailer. Let’s see how the trailer helps in raising interest about the film.