Opinion: Empty rhetoric by association head on SPB

A man who calls himself a representative of the Brahmin Association spoke at length lambasting all the Telugu heroes, producers and a lot in the industry for not attending the funeral of the late Shri SP Balasubramaniam. He labelling himself as representing the community on the Youtube video itself was in bad taste. He should have called himself a fan and shouldn’t have revealed the community he hails from; If he is a sensible man, he will understand that art, music knows no barriers. Ramoji Rao bailed the singer out of a crisis, Venkaiah Naidu made sure that the ECMO support was arranged while he was battling with his health issues, NBK took just 11 Rs from SPB’s family and arranged homam and Pooja for his well being.

sp balasubrahmanyamKeeravani’s song was beautiful and moving and the singers association’s tribute was touching and emotional. We wonder if this gentleman Sharma attended the funeral in the first place or he is talking to gain publicity. The singer’s family had clearly told the industry folks not to attend the funeral and as a family they understand the love and respect for him. It is idiocy to expect people to travel during the pandemic. SPB Balasubramaniam never had a problem with the Telugu film industry, he never ever sang a song on credit and was treated with respect, if this gentleman Sharma is so bothered about the lack of respect for SPB (he speaks of Ghantasala’s funeral too and says none in the film industry attended), he should first do something about the respect not being given to Lord Venkateswara and ‘declare’ his love for the almighty and own him too.

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