Prabhas In Unseemly Controversy

Hero Prabhas is in the news not for his latest flick Saaho, but for wrong reasons. He is embroiled in an unsavoury land deal and the Telangana Government has seized the land and the guesthouse that Prabhas built on the land. The Government says it has moved in and acted only in the wake of a court order.

Prabhas Moves Court For Guesthouse

Sources close to Prabhas said that he was duped by a conman, who showed him fake documents and made him buy a disputed land. It was only after he got the land registrered on his name that Prabhas realized that there was a problem. So, he promptly applied for regularization of the land. The application is pending with the officials. Meanwhile, the court has ordered that the land be seized.

Now, Prabhas has approached the courts for relief. The hearing will take place on Thursday. While it would take a while for the court to come up with the verdict, the social media is agog with activity over this issue. Some are terming Prabhas as a high profile land-grabber, while the others are calling him a victim of a conman.