Priya Prakash Charges Rs 1 Cr For Commercial

Priya Prakash from Kerala shot to overnight stardom after her wink clip went viral. The Thrissur teen, who once had meagre followers has now  6.2 million followers on her Instagram.

The “wink girl” is back making headlines all for the right reason. Priya Prakash has signed her first commercial and charged hefty amount whihc will leabe you shell-shocked for she being a newcomer. It is laenrt that she has chared Rs 1 crore for the national commerical.

Have a look at the still from the commercial

“She shot for the commercial on Friday morning. It was a heavily guarded shoot, as it marks her debut in the national ad-space. We have been informed that she has been paid around Rs 1 crore to endorse the brand. That’s a huge sum for a newcomer,” says a brand expert.

Incidentally, she used to charge Rs 8 lakh for the commercials but for her first national advertisements she has been paid Rs 1 crore. SHe also has a PR manager who maintained her social media page and interviews etc.