Rakhi Sawant stirs another controversy

Controversy’s favourite child Rakhi Sawant has stirred yet another controversy.  Rakhi shared a picture of herself on social media posing with the Pakistani flag. Dressed in feather skirt with a thigh-high slit, and clad in a halter blouse, she is clad in Pakistani flag with the caption, ‘ love my India but it is my character in the film ‘Dhara 370′”

Later, she released two videos stating, “I love my India but it is my character in the film ‘Dhara 370’.” But fans weren’t too impressed. Later, Rakhi posted two videos to make her stance clear. She said the film “Dhara 370” is based on Kashmiri Pundits. In another video, she said: “I would like to tell people that I am playing a Pakistani girl (in the film). People from Pakistan too have a heart… All of them are not bad. Some people, who ask children to commit jihad against their people and country… The ones who are against Allah. I respect people from Pakistan.”

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