Rana gives tips to be a better actor

The media isn’t leaving anyone who is a son of a star or a producer. As the heat on the nepotism debate increases, actor Rana Daggubati was recently asked about his views on nepotism. His father Suresh Babu, who is a producer has been time and again saying that the film industry is an unorganised sector run by private individuals. It is a film making business and the children will obviously inherit their property and wealth.

Rana said that he is privileged but added that it comes more from an “Indian understanding of a family”. “Without the skill, you cannot last in any industry. Nepotism comes from an Indian understanding of what a family is. If you have a father who has worked very hard, he will provide it to his family in the means they understand, which is through capital and knowledge. So, we will be part of the privileged people. I can’t take that away. That comes with greater responsibility,”

Elaborating on the ‘greater responsibility’, Rana said, “In lockdown, we have to run a company with over 600 employees and pay them a salary. We have to make sure that the organisation is back to its feet soon. There’s always a responsibility attached to it. Also, there’s no option of giving up and you’ve got to keep getting better.” He also shared his advice for aspiring actors and said, “Be observant of people. It comes from understanding life and people. Also, you have to figure out if you can resonate with their emotions. The more you do that, the more you become a better actor.”

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