Rashmi Gautam exposes man for trying to trick her

Anchor Rashmi Gautam, quite active on social media, is known to set record straight. The bubbly actress has now exposed a man who tried to trick her in order to get her mobile number in the guise of PR management. The tweet reads, PR_Management‏: @rashmigautam27 hey Rashmi! This is regarding some ad shoot, I’ve lost your dad’s number can you inbox me! Regards !”

However, the actress exposed the man’s dubious way of cheating her and hit back at him tweeting, “My dad passed away when I was 12 So I don’t think u ever has my dads number in the very 1st place So kindly stop making fool out of people by call your self a PR MANAGEMENT I’m sure this is another new way of fooling naive girls And bringing shame to the industry”. Notably, the concerned tweet of PR management is removed from the timeline now.   Many have lauded Rashmi for being brave and also setting an example as to how women should retaliate.