Regina Cassandra Gives South Touch To Kiki Challenge

The Kiki Challenge or the In my feelings challenge has become a rage in the west and the fever has gripped India, too. After Adah Sharma, South actress Regina Cassandra took up the In my feelings challenge. Regina dressed in a half-saree disembarks from her moving car and dances to singer Drake’s song “In my feelings” from the album Scorpion. 

Regina Cassandra Kiki Challenge

Regina posted the video of herself on Instagram and she quickly won praises including from celebrities like Allu Sirish who called her “epic” to Awe director Prashanth Varma. The challenge, for the uninitiated, is all about grooving to In my feelings song while getting out from the moving car and then at the end getting into the car. The challenge all started after comedian Shiggy Show posted it on the Instagram handle, which soon became a fad and spread quickly. However, in the West, polcie is cracking down on celebrities and taking stern actiuon as it vilates law as it risks the person’s life.

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