Revathy Slams Actor Over His #MeToo Remark

Veteran actress Revathy has now slammed celebrated Mollywood actor Mohanlal over his insensitive remarks on #MeToo movement. A few days back, Mohanlal, during his mei interaction in Dubai called #MeToo as a fashion and not as a movement. The comments shocked many actress and women across casing outrage. To this Revathay tweteed, ” #MeToo movement a ‘FAD’ says a renowned ACTOR. How do we bring some degree of sensitivity in such people? Like Anjali Menon says, the people who have just arrived from MARS have no clue what it means to get abused, what it takes to call out and how this can bring about change!!! (sic)”

Me Too: Actress Revathy Hits Out At Mohanlal

Mohanlal had said, “There’s no big problem in the Malayalam film industry. You shouldn’t think of #MeToo as a movement actually. It’s a fad and it’s turning into something of a fashion. Anything like that will have a lifespan for a bit.”

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