Review: amitumi

After the decent success of Gentleman director, Mohana Krishna Indraganti has brought us the screwball comedy Ami Tumi which is making waves already. Read on to see whether it is worth a watch or not.
Tanikella Bharani is very upset that his daughter is seeing a normal guy played by Adivi Sesh and he wants her to marry a guy who is a rich man played by Vennela Kishore. But things change as Bharani’s daughter played by Eesha escapes from her father and somehow manages to marry Sesh. How does she do that is the crux of the film.


The film is only possible because of the memorable performance from ace comedian Vennel Kishore. The man gets it right instantly and carries the entire film on his shoulders. It is only because of his efforts that the film has rib-tickling comedy and many can go to watch only for him.
Tanikella Bharani is good as the Telangana father and so was Eesha who played her role quite lively. Srinivasa Avasarala is good in his Telangana accent and plays a supporting role well.

Technical Overview and Analysis: 

The film is filled with laugh riot moments until the end. The mistaken identity crisis and the way each character is unveiled in the plot has been tackled very cleverly.
The film is very low on budget but looks very rich. Background score and music have nothing to talk about. Th director succeeds to get the plot right as there is no boring moment at all in the film barring the first 20 minutes which are very boring.
 This is a clean film which has some good laughs and we suggest you to happily watch it with your family.

One line verdict:-

Time pass Laughs
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