Review: Anando Brahma

Taapsee is back with a horror comedy after a very long gap. Titled Anando Brahma this film has hit the screens today. Read on to see how the film is.
Rajeev Kanakala wants to sell off his property but he does find any buyers as his enemies spread the word that his house is haunted. He then gives this responsibility to a waiter played by Srinivasa Reddy who in turn brings three others to say in the house and prove that there are no ghosts in the film. Will these four bunch of losers manage to prove things wrong? For this, you have to watch the film yourself.
Shakalaka Shankar steals the show as his spoof comedy is just spot on. All his scenes will leave you in splits. Vennela Kishore is also very good and his recheekati mannerism works well. Srinivasa Reddy leads from the front and his comedy also helps the film. Taapsee has nothing much to do in the film and is just a character. Rajeev Kanakala gets a meaty role and will surprise you in the end. Rest of the cast did their bit along with Tagubothu Ramesh.
Technical Overview and Overall analysis
This is the first time that a concept has been chosen in a horror comedy as the ghosts get scared after seeing the normal people in the house. This concept has worked well for the film as the humor generated is just too good and will leave on the edge of the seats for at least half an hour. 
The makers cleverly have dealt with all this and have added fun at regular intervals. Director Mahi scores brownie points and makes sure that he gives a simple entertainer with good fun which can be enjoyed by the entire family as a good time pass watch. There are no songs and that is very good for the viewers. 
One Line Verdict:-
Innovative horror comedy