Review : Andhagadu

Raj Tharun is in full swing by giving some back to back hits. He has now come up with his new hilarious comedy called Andhagadu which has made its way to the theaters. Read on to see whether Raj Tharun impressed or not.

Raj Tharun is a blind man who is on a mission. For this, he traps Hebah Patel and enters her house. He somehow manages to win her love and impresses her dad but there is still a secret as to why he is doing all this. What is his goal and will he succeed in it or not is the entire crux of the film.
Raj Tharun manages to carry the entire film on his shoulders. He has that capacity now which shows through his screen presence and performance which are quite mature. He also tried to look a bit stylish too in his get up. Hebah Patel is badly styled and looks below average in the film. Her role is limited only to the first half.
Comedian Satya walks away with all the cake as he is the one who saves the first half with Raj Tharun and his track. Rajendra Prasad is wasted and so was Sayaji Shinde. Raja Ravindra is very impressive as the villain. Rest of the cast were strictly okay.
Overall Analysis and overview
Andhagdu is very good on paper but is wasted during the execution part. Not one scene during the first 40 minutes of the second half makes sense. Why hero does all this and what’s his mission are showcased in a silly way. This is the time where the film loses steam and become boring. But the climax pulls the film up from doldrums and looks decent from there. If you do not have anything to do this weekend and are looking for some chalta kind of fun, Anhagadu is surely your cup of tea but for other can explore different options.
One Line Verdict:
Strictly for some passable laughs.
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