Review: Babu Baaga Busy

The remake season is here and yet another Hindi film has been remade in the form of Babu Baaga Busy. The Srinivasa Avasarla adult comedy is out in the theaters and we need to see whether it has anything interesting to offer.

Madhav is a sex addict who wants to leave his shady past behind and get settled in life. he chances upon Radha and decides to marry her but problems from his past keep haunting him. How a sex addict sets things right is the whole film about.


Srinivasa Avasarla is lost in transit as he looks out of place in the film. Sreemukhi is wasted in a cheap role and so is Tejaswi who is becoming boring these days.
The only skin show or some drama is created because of Supriya who plays the married aunty. She looks gorgeous and her role has been defined well. None of the other performances like Mishti and Priyadarshi are utilized properly.
Overall analysis:
 It is always safe to remake a film but one needs to be very careful when they do such things. Either they have to follow the same pattern and do not disturb the basic theme of the film. But here in Babu Baaga Busy things go haywire as both the adult scenes and comedy are missing to an extent.
The film is so slow that it can put you asleep. All the affairs shown are unclear and do not create any impact on the film. The film is a big no for the general and youngsters too, don’t get fooled by the sultry teasers
One line Verdict:
Cheesy Adult comedy