Review: D 16


The latest thriller which has caught the imagination of all is D 16. The dubbed Tamil film has also released in Telugu and is directed by a 21-year-old young man called Karthick Naren.

Synopsis :

The film deals with a deadly murder case which is being investigated by a stylish cop called Deepak played by Rahman. During become so confusing for his during his investigation and he tries hard to crack the case and finally succeeds somehow. How did he do it is the whole story about.

Performances :-

The film has only three or four characters and one of them is of Rahman who plays the cop. He is stylish and at the same time enacts in his role quite beautifully. Especially, the manner in which he does the role of a handicapped man during the end is very good. After a long time, Rahman does well in a role which will be his turning point in his career.

Technical Overview and Analysis:-

16 is one the most technically strong films that have come out in the recent past. From the background score to the way the murder mystery is solved by some strong screenplay only proves what a master genius the young director Kartik is.

The suspense that he has generated and the way he ends the film with an unexpected twist will surely leave you surprised. As the film does not have much entertainment, suspense film lovers will surely like this film.

One Line Verdict:-

Intriguing murder mystery

Rating 3/5